Patients of Wagner Dentistry in Downtown Las Vegas may already know that the practice is highly respected for its innovative cosmetic dentistry solutions. Those who want the brightest smiles possible choose this dentist office because of its high tech treatments and well-qualified team. In addition to creating beautiful smiles, the dental office is also dedicated to providing each patient with an individualized treatment plan designed to create optimal dental health in addition to an attractive smile. This is also why they currently offer dental implants.


Many of us have heard of dental implants, but are not quite sure just what they are, and why they are necessary. They are an important development in the world of dentistry because they provide a total replacement when an adult tooth has been lost to decay, disease, or accident.

While dentures (full or partial) are a good solution for some, dental implants are often an even better answer. They are made of two parts (just like a tooth) and feature a “crown” and the “implant” which replace the roots where a tooth used to be. This is an important factor as the loss of roots can cause the bone of the jaw and the gum tissue to recede and shrink. This changes the bite pattern and even the look of our face.

When we use implants, we trick the jaw and gums into believing that the roots are still present, and this effectively presents loss of bone and tissue. It also ensures that the bite is still aligned and strong, and allows us to eat and speak naturally.


Patients of Wagner Dentistry have the option for single implants as well as implant supported dentures. The single implants are just as they sound – a single implant capped with a crown that is meant to replace a missing tooth. Multi-tooth options for dental implants usually relate to fixed bridges. What this means is simple. Instead of using a remaining natural tooth to anchor a fixed bridge, one or two implants are done and used to anchor the rest of the bridge.

Obviously, this means that dental implants can be used as the ideal solution to a list of different dental issues, and it requires a skilled dentist to help you choose the right answers. In their Downtown Las Vegas dental office, Drs. Wade and Wayne Wagner will consult with their patients, review their dental health and then help them to make the right choices.

Dental implants require a lengthier process to complete. The initial exam requires imaging and planning as well as an assessment of your medical history. The placement of any implant(s) requires the use of local anesthesia to numb the gum and jaw. The dentist then places the implant where the roots of the tooth used to be, and covers it with a temporary cover. The implant must then integrate with the bone before the abutment is attached. Another period of waiting occurs while this heals, and if all is well, the prosthetic teeth (either a crown or bridge) is added.

This sounds more complicated than it is, and dental implant treatments are more and more common each day. If you are interested in discussing your options for implants with either of the dentists at Wagner Dentistry, just give us a call at 702-877-2222 to book a consultation or use the online form to make arrangements.

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  • "I highly recommend utilizing Wagner and Wagner Dental as they not only provide accurate and tremendous service but also truly care about each patient's needs. Every time I step in their office I am treated with kindness and respect and my voice and concerns are always heard. I come here with ease knowing that regardless of the intensity of service needed my experience will be pleasurable due to these amazing providers who truly care!

    Ashley E.
  • "Dr Wagner is the best! I have been a patient of the Wagner Family since i was a kid, Wade's Father was my Dentist. I am grateful he has continued to be my dentist, i trust him and always know he has taken good care of my dental needs"

    Russell S.
  • I came in to get two fillings.  The fillings were done very quickly, and the experience was wonderful. I have been coming here for years and plan to continue.

    Nicole R.
  • Awesome Dentist! Have been coming here for years. My whole family comes here and it feels like an extended family when we come. Highly Recommend!

    E. T.
  • The only dentist I'll ever see! I have been seeing wade for over 15 years and I trust him with my life.

    Tauscha W.

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