Perhaps you have heard of TMJ / TMD? Most people have, but few can actually explain just what it is. It takes its name from the area of the head that it impacts – the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and the TMD stands for temporomandibular disorder. Essentially, someone who has the TMJ / TMD condition is suffering from an inflammation in the joint that connects the lower jaw to their skull. They may feel a strong stiffness in that area, they might struggle to open or close the joint, and they may hear unnerving sounds like popping or a loud clicking when the use the joint.

Fortunately, it is a very treatable condition, and the patients of Wagner Dentistry in Downtown Las Vegas can enjoy a long list of approaches when they visit our dental office for care.


Though it might seem as if a condition like TMJ / TMD would have just a few effective remedies, there are many approaches that a dentist will use to overcome the problem. Why numerous treatments and not just one or two? It has to do with the cause of the condition. After all, it is often due to misalignment of the upper and lower jaws, but can also be due to teeth grinding, issues with the cartilage in the jaw, an injury to the region, or it might be inherited genetically.

The problems that TMJ / TMD create can also vary widely. Apart from those mentioned, you might find that your teeth are wearing or even cracking because of the issue. You may experience sudden onset of decay because of the grinding of the teeth, and constant ringing in the ears, headache, and neck pain may also be part of it.

This is why treatment is so diverse and why an expert dentist is an essential part of the solution.

At Wagner Dentistry, patients will receive general dentistry as well as cosmetic treatments, and the goal is always to give a fully customized treatment plan. The first step is dental health, and the patient with TMJ may find that this is an issue that will be addressed instantly by our dentist office.

We may create a custom night guard to prevent you from persistently grinding and damaging the teeth and inflaming the joint. We may find that realignment of the jaws, through the use of a special appliance, is a good remedy. There are certain medications to alleviate the stress that might be causing the issue and many other treatment options too.

Naturally, the first part of treating this uncomfortable and even harmful condition is to pay a visit to our offices. You can give us a call at 702-877-2222 or use the online formto book an appointment or consultation. At that time, we will review your dental health and start to create a unique and individualized treatment plan based on your needs. Whether you require somegeneral dentistry such as a cleaning or a filling as well as a remedy for TMD, or you are interested in some cosmetic dentistry in addition to a remedy for the jaw condition, our dental office has the answers you want and need. Learn more about TMJ on our blog including, TMJ Relief, The Benefits of TMJ Treatment and Am I a Good Candidate for TMJ Treatment?

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