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Patients of Wagner Dentistry in Summerlin and Las Vegas Area, NV, can turn to us for a long list of dental care. From general and cosmetic dentistry to restorative work, we strive to provide our patients with optimal oral health and beautiful smiles. One of the most common treatments we provide are dental fillings, and though they are an ideal answer to tooth decay, it is important to know about proper dental fillings aftercare.

As your preferred dentist in Summerlin Las Vegas, we will tell you that there are a few different periods of “after” in dental fillings aftercare. There is the immediate period as you leave the office and finish up your day, the period in the days immediately after the filling, and then the rest of the years after that filling has done its job and stopped tooth decay.


Let’s consider each of these periods of dental fillings aftercare in order to be sure you understand the right behaviors and choices. Immediately after dental fillings, the numbing agent is still active. Because of that, you will want to be very cautious about the use of your mouth. Chewing, drinking and even speaking can cause you to bite yourself accidentally, so we recommend refraining from them until sensation returns.

As soon as the numbness recedes, you are going to have some tenderness but should have no pain. If you have serious pain, get in touch immediately. Also, avoid chewing any hard or sticky foods for 24-48 hours after the filling. Though strongly bonded to your teeth, they can still be dislodged if you put too much pressure on them immediately.

You can begin brushing and flossing straight away, however, and this is true whether you tooth colored fillings or some other material. You must keep the teeth clean and free of debris, and you can safely brush and floss on the day of your treatment.

For the long term, your dental fillings aftercare requires regular exams and cleanings, good oral hygiene, and a smart diet that limits the amount of sugary or damaging foods. We recommend twice annual exams that check the condition of fillings and ensure optimal oral health.


If you have additional questions about dental fillings aftercare, or about any of the other treatments mentioned here, give us a call at our Summerlin and Las Vegas Area, NV office at 702-877-2222. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly. To learn more, read our FAQs, learn if you are a candidate, explore the benefits of dental fillings, and read an overview of the procedure.

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